Quick Easy Guide

Step 1 - Consultation

After we have a quick conversation and decide we want to work together, we will meet for comprehensive consultation. This is where we get to the nuts and bolts of your health goals. What has your health and nutrition looked like for you in the past? What does it look like now? How is it working for you? What are your goals? This is where we find out what YOUR Nutrition and Wellness plan should look like. 

Step 2 - Assessment

Now that we know what your goals are and what your starting point looks like, it’s time to go over the different programs and what will be the best fit for YOU. 

Do you want to try things out by doing small steps or are you ready to go for it 100% and fully commit to your health journey with the 6 month Reclaim your Health program.  Regardless of which program you start with it will be individualized to your health and nutrition goals. There is no one size fits all when it comes to your health and goals.